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“My name is David and I love to travel the world for a fraction of the cost using points and miles. Helping people travel for cheap is a big passion of mine. I still cringe if I pay more than $100 for an international flight.”

David Streisand/ Founder

Here Are Some OF Our Best Articles:

Learn how you can get a round trip from anywhere in the US to Hawaii and only pay $11 in taxes.

As a family, we traveled to Fiji, Australia, Bali, and Taiwan in Business Class and saved thousands of dollars. See how I did it step-by-step with receipts.

​​​Southwest Companion Pass, 2-For-1 Flights in the US and Caribbean

Here is a simple process of how to buy one ticket and get one free with no blackout dates. 

Using Miles And Points, Here Are Some Of The Places I Have Been:


Swimming in 30 degree water in Antarctica.

South Africa

The highest bungee jump in the world in Plettenberg, South Africa.

Business Class Seats

Business Class with my family from  Japan for $62 per seat.


Married on the  beautiful beaches of Bali.

How You Can Do It too!

What is Points Banking?  

Points Banking is smartly earning & redeeming rewards points offered by the financial and travel industries.

When points are maximized to their full potential, you get amazing value in travel and rich experiences.


Earn Points

Use the many strategies showcased on this website to earn miles and points with little effort.


Manage Points

Its important to keep track of your hard earned points. 


Use Points

Use your points correctly for amazing  travel experiences.  Travel to anywhere in the world for less than $100.



This hobby can be quite addicting. Once you save thousands of dollars on a trip, repeat the process and travel again. 

Travel Rewards Credit Cards
Travel Rewards Credit Cards


"Thanks to Wise Flys I was able to travel to so many places around the world and within the United States at a fraction of the cost of conventional travel. With David's help I flew to Greece, Israel, Turkey and South Africa and stayed in countless hotels for free, including two nights in an executive suite in Athens! "

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