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Venice, Italy


Who Am I?

My name is David and I love to travel the world for a fraction of the cost using points and miles. Helping people travel for cheap is a big passion of mine. I still cringe if I pay more than $100 for an international flights.

Using Miles And Points, Here Are Some Of The Places I Have Been
Business Class with my family to Japan for $62 per seat
Business Class to Fiji with my family for $5.60 per seats
Swimming in 30 degree water in Antarctica
Married on the beaches of Bali
The highest bungee jump in the world in South Africa
You Can Do It Too!
How Does It Work?

POINTS BANKING:  Smartly earning & redeeming rewards points offered by the financial and travel industries.


Let us find the best
rewards for you


Let us alert you to
travel deals


Let us help you book
your trip to maximize
your rewards
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