Here are some resources to help you get some cheap flights.

The Flight Deal
The guys at Flight Deal will post really good deals on paid plane tickets from different cities around the US to all types of cool destinations.

ITA Matrix
My first stop when I’m buying a plane ticket, this site will show you a calendar of all the fares for a whole month for a flight. You can’t book from here, but it’s perfect for getting a baseline on what you should pay.

Skyscanner is a great because it includes many of the budget airlines that Kayak doesn’t include. I always cross-reference what I find on Expedia and Kayak with Skyscanner before booking.

Category Cheat Sheet

If you have a bunch of different credit or debit cards that all come with different rewards programs, it’s often hard to remember which one to use for purchases.

This is a great product for those who want to know which of their credit cards gets bonuses in certain categories.

To buy one, click here