Wise Flys and all affiliates are not a travel agency, nor do we get any form of compensation from airlines. As a result, we are able to ensure that all decisions made when putting together your itinerary are based solely on your best interests – nothing else.

Our award booking services include making all necessary contact with various airlines to ensure the best-matched itinerary in line with your requests. We will find the flights, and provide you with the option that makes sense for you  Please note, we are not responsible for any fees/taxes imposed on you by the airlines, credit card companies or any airline/airport personnel. Once an agreed-upon itinerary has been booked and your invoice has been sent, payment is required within fifteen (15) days. Those failing to remit full payment in that time frame are subject to having their itineraries cancelled, flights lost and/or miles confiscated. In the event we do not book a successful award, the $25 research fee remains non-refundable.

In the event of a schedule change proposed by the airline(s), we will do our best to re-work your reservation without any additional charges. Keep in mind, there are no guarantees the changes will be free, or that your reservation(s) will remain intact; in some extreme cases you may need to start from the beginning with a new award booking. There are no charges from Wise Flys or our affiliates for changes to class of service, but you may be subject to fees from the airline(s) for those minor tweaks; the airline may also require additional miles to be used in some cases. In the event your request to change the class of service is unable to be met within 24 hours, we will monitor availability via “automated award searches.” In all of these cases, a $30 automated-search fee will apply. If however, you are looking to change anything else – including, but not limited to the routing, dates of travel, airline(s), origin, destination or stopover location(s) – you may be subject to a change fee, or possibly the full cost of an additional award booking. If, for any other reason you would like to change or cancel your reservation, you may be subject to additional cost, up to the cost of a new, additional award booking; that is in addition to the fees imposed by the airlines themselves. However, when changes do occur – be it by request or by airline-imposed schedule changes – we cannot guarantee a positive result due to the constant changes in award availability. While we will do our best to resolve any and all situations, and have your miles/points redeposited when needed, this may not always be possible and may come with additional airline-imposed fees. Please note that in some cases, it will not be possible to have your miles and/or points redeposited or have changes made at all.


Wise Flys takes no responsibility for tickets that are canceled, changed or otherwise tampered-with by the operating or issuing airlines. While we will do our best to “right the wrongs” of the airlines, we make no guarantees in any way that we can re-book what may have been changed. As a result, we make no “booking guarantees” and can never and will never make any promise/guarantee regarding flights booked. While most itineraries booked remain intact from the time of booking through to the departure of the flights, situations may arise which result in changes or even cancellations, which come from the issuing or operating carriers. If such an event occurs, we try to work with you to fix the problem, but we make no guarantees.

NOTE: Terms and conditions of service, booking policies and pricing are all subject to change at any time without prior notice.