3 months from today, you could be packing your bags and traveling to your dream destination For Less Than $100


Never let money stop your travels again...

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    Learn What The Banks And Airlines Don't Want You To Know
    Through easy to comprehend courses and tutorials, you will learn how to access and take advantage of the thousands of dollars a year in free travel that the Bank and Airline industries don't want you to know about.
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    Learn From The Expert
    After 7 years of studying and perfecting the art of Travel Points Banking, David (Founder of Wise Flys), shares all of his knowledge. Having been to 7 continents in 4 months for only $241 in flight costs, you will learn his secrets to travel just as cheap.
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    Shift Your Focus From "If I can afford to travel?" To "Where do I want to travel next?"
    After When flights to Europe cost $29 and round trips to Hawaii cost $11, paying full price for flights will never be a concern again. Its a liberating feeling to know you never have to pay full price for flights ever again! WARINING: Its Addicting.

Here are some real life examples From The Founder Of Wise Flys:

Here Is David's $5.60 Flight Receipt To Fiji:

This is the receipt! As a family of three, they got first and business class seats to Fiji for $5.60 each. 

They each got their own business class seat to Fiji that laid flat.

Here Is David's Flight Receipt from Taiwan to New York:

This is another receipt! As a family of three, they got first and business class seats Taipei, Taiwan to New York for only $38.50 per seat. 

Japan Airlines had better sushi than some of the top restaurants in New York. They even served David Fugu, the poisonous blowfish.

What Some Of The Members Are Saying:

If you think this will be difficult, it won’t be...

“I felt hopeless. I felt like there was no way my fiancé and I would ever be able to travel. Everything is so expensive in life, but if there was a way to turn allt hat money you NEED to spend into a vacation, wouldn’t you do it?? Well that’s what David and Wise Flys taught me. He taught me how to use credit card rewards programs to pay for our trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and we have plenty of rewards leftover for our upcoming trips to California and Mexico. And if you think this will be difficult, it won’t be. Wise Flys made this process as easy as can be!”

Dave  //  Host, Dave Talks Sports Radio Show

Wise Flys showed me step by step on how to plan this trip...

"In less than 2 months my life will be forever changed. A friend and I will be traveling all throughout Southeast Asia for 6-12 months. Hiking through mountains, climbing waterfalls, and living life to the fullest. None of this, however, would be possible without David and Wise Flys. Wise Flys showed me step by step on how to plan this trip. From finding the cheapest flights, to gaining an obscene amount of travelers points. His guidance has been an incredible tool in seeing this dream come true. I highly recommend anybody taking a trip ANYWHERE (not just internationally) to use Wise Flys. It will be able to save you some money, and also more often than not he will great insight on things to do, restaurants to eat at, and the best ways of getting the most out of your vacations."

Nick  //  Entrepreneur

Most people believe travel has to be expensive...especially flights and hotels!

Do these travel frustrations sound familiar?

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    Have you spent hundreds, or even thousands of dollars before on flights?
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    Are you tired of not knowing WHERE to look and WHEN to look for the best prices?
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    Do you hate the stress of finding the best, cheapest tickets?
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    Have you tried to use frequent flyer miles before, only to grow so frustrated that you simply gave up?
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    If you could fly anywhere in the world for less than $100, would that change your whole world?

The truth is, if you learn the secrets of Travel Points Banking, you can fly anywhere in the world for under $100.

The reality is, the airlines make it confusing and frustrating on purpose.

They don't want you to know how to find the best prices on flights and how to use frequent flyer miles.

But here's the best part - you only need to know FOUR main things to easily end the confusion and frustration and start flying around the world for under $100:

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    How to quickly, easily, and effectively EARN hundreds of thousands of frequent flyer miles without ever stepping on a flight and by doing things that you already do.
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    Which frequent flyer miles are the RIGHT ones to be earning - and which to avoid. Not all frequent flyer miles are created equal (far from it)...and you'll want to be earning the ones that can actually get you free flights.
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    How to REDEEM miles for free flights by knowing when and where to look. Airlines make this hard on purpose, but fortunately, you only need to the 3 places to look, and you'll be able to quickly and easily see if flights are available...and then book them!
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    ​How to repeat this process over and over again so that you can continue to travel anywhere you want, whenever you want...because once you start, you won't want to stop!

Your Passport Will Never Be The Same

Included are Video Courses, E-Books, Card Tracking Software and much more that will help you get started with Travel Points Banking. New content added every month!

Here are some of the features in the Wise Flys Membership to learn Travel Points Banking with ease:

Credit Cards And Travel Points Course

Price $47 Included with Membership

Learn the best strategies to sustainably earn millions of travel points through specific credit cards. This is the information they don't want you to know about!

E-Book: The Best Strategies To Complete Minimum Spending 

Price $14 Included with Membership

Learn the best methods to complete your minimum spending and earn your sign up bonuses with ease. 

Annuale Fee Negotiations Course

Price: $47 Included with Membership

Don't waste your money paying for credit card annual fees that you don't need! Learn the techniques to negotiate out of an annual fee and get more points too.

E-Book: Approve Your Application When Pending Or Denied

Price: $14 Included with Membership

Learn the crucial strategies of how to get your credit card application approved when it is pending or denied. 

Card Tracking Software

Included With Membership

The custom made card tracking software puts your Travel Points Banking on auto pilot. Recieve custom monthly reports on your points earning progress . You also get important e-mail reminders for bonus deadlines, Annual Fees, and best times to apply for new credit cards. 

Current Points Deals

Included With Membership

Every week, the Points Deals section lists all the ways to earn points and miles without the use credit cards. By following the intructions, you can earn thousands of travel points for simple tasks. For example, you can get 500 United Airline Miles for filling out a survey.

About The Founder

Hi there!  I am David, and I believe everyone should have the ability to explore the world. Travel used to be expensive for me. Saving up all year to pay for thousands of dollars in flight costs was a perpetual cycle year after year. Eventually, I figured out a system to travel cheaper than ever imagined and life has never been the same since. 

 I have been to over 50 countries, and at one point I traveled to 7 continents in 4 months for just $241 in flight costs.


After 7 years and thousands of hours crafting the art of Travel Points Banking, I am finally sharing all my secrets and strategies so you can travel wherever you want in the world.

“So many people have dream trips in mind and unfortunately keep them just that, dreams. I'm here to show everyone how to get to your dream destination for less than a weekly grocery bill.”

More Success Stories...


Family vacation to Hawaii for $30

“Our credit score is not only great but we also had the opportunity to take four vacations without almost no pay. I never thought this was possible until I came across Wise Flys. We are now planning our vacation to Hawaii for all three of us for the cost of $30 each way. This is incredible and beyond anything we ever expected. 

Thank you so much for everything again.”

Or Real Estate Investor



"Our family was so excited to travel from NYC to New Orleans for our cousin's wedding until we realized that three round-trip tickets were going cost us over $2000. We contemplated having my husband go alone but then we reached out to Wise Flys. In just a few days Wise Flys managed to work its magic and find a way for us to use a combination of our American Express and Delta miles and get all three tickets. It wound up costing us less than $100 cash for the entire trip! Wise Flys is our new secret weapon when it comes to travel. I just wish we'd join sooner!"

Jenny Powers  CEO, Running With Heels


Round trip tickets for two to Thailand for $43.60??!!

“We wanted to travel to Thailand, however the cost seemed daunting. We felt very confident in trusting Wise Flys and followed the steps outlined for us. Its service extended to also booking the flight for us. Round trip tickets for two to Thailand for $43.60??!! We were shocked and thrilled. It is definitely worth it. We also had access to VIP lounges at airports along the way, which added to a carefree and enjoyable, though long journey.  We are so grateful to have made memories for a lifetime without over spending. Thanks Wise Flys! "

Jeanine Nurse Anesthetist

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    People who like to get free flights and free hotels
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    People who are willing to dedicated 1 hour a month to learn the strategies to travel free.
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    People who are tired of the overwhelming expenses of travel

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    If you do not like to travel
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    If you live outside the USA
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    If you do not like to learn about the best ways to travel free
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    If you are not interested in learning new things

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