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Welcome To Wise Flys. As you heard in the podcast episode with me, I teach Credit Cards and Travel Points so you can Travel Anywhere Almost Free. Below are some great resources to help you get started.

-David Streisand, Founder of Wise Flys

Free Course

Curious about how to manage your all your credit cards less than 5 minutes per month to earn miles and points without ever getting in debt! 

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Free Consultation

Not sure where to start with getting credit cards for free travel? I will help you pick your next card and give basic card strategy.

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$5 Flight To Fiji

Check my most popular blog post and favorite trip. I show step-by-step how I booked $5 business class seats to Fiji and 3 other countries.

Epic Family Trip For $562

This E-Book Explains It all...

Travel Anywhere Almost Free explains the entire process of how to get started with Credit Cards and Travel points. When you subscribe for this Ebook, you also get a 5 day Email course on taking advantage of Travel Points Banking. Learn how to save 90% on your next flight.

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